Are you starting to feel the slight chill creeping in at night? Is the humidity here in Atlanta dropping enough for you to be able to open your windows during the evening? Fall is certainly on its way; this means that it’ll soon be time to crank up the heat. When was the last time your furnace was serviced?

What Is Included in a Yearly Furnace Service?

Testing Safety Controls and for Carbon Monoxide Leaks
The CDC states that at least 430 US citizens die from CO poisoning every year. During a furnace maintenance check, our heating and cooling experts will test your system’s safety features and monitor the air for any CO leaks.

Inspect All Components
During the maintenance check, our technicians will inspect and verify the function of the following components: flue draft, inducer motor, burner, heat exchanger, blower, any electrical connections, gas pressure (if the unit is gas-fueled), condensate drain, switches and piping, and all circuits. Any faulty components will be repaired or replaced if required.

Clean & Lubricate
Any components that appear dirty will be cleaned. Moving components that need fresh lubrication will also be addressed during your furnace check.

Replace Filters and Test Whole System
While most clients keep up with changing out their filters, sometimes we find that they need replacement during a yearly maintenance check. If the filters need replacing, we’ll do so. After the whole system has been inspected, your technician will use the thermostat to call for heat. As long as everything runs smoothly, you will be all set for the cool season here in Atlanta.

Why Are Yearly Maintenance Checks So Important?
Yearly maintenance on any equipment will increase its longevity – furnaces are no exception. Here in Atlanta, Georgia, heating units tend to last quite a bit longer than our northern counterparts, but they do still need TLC every year. In addition to increasing your unit’s life expectancy, yearly checks can help prevent disastrous failures and damage.

When to Service Your Furnace
If we’re all being honest, Atlanta isn’t the coldest place in the country – but that doesn’t mean that our furnaces don’t need to be serviced. As a general rule of thumb, you should service your heating system before you start using it for the season. As soon as you start turning the air conditioning units off during the day, using the windows to cool your home, it’s time to start thinking about your heating system – September is a great time to schedule your furnace service.

Yearly Furnace Service in Atlanta

Don’t forget about your furnace, even if it won’t get too much use during the winter. Here at Quality Air Experts Atlanta, we’ve seen firsthand the effects of a neglected heating unit. Keep your investment in tip-top shape by having it serviced yearly. Need to schedule a service call or yearly furnace maintenance check? Contact us today.