Atlanta gets hot; we don’t have to convince you of this. However, many clients take for granted the cooling system that their home has built into it. HVAC cooling units are a pretty steep investment that increases your home’s value, especially here in the Metro Atlanta area. However, just like other machinery, air conditioning units need upkeep and maintenance in order to operate at an optimal efficiency.

Why Should I Have Yearly HVAC Service?

Depending on who installed your cooling system, you may be required to keep up with yearly maintenance in order to keep your warranty. Aside from this important factor, yearly maintenance is a good general practice for any expensive equipment in your home or family. Just as you get your car’s oil and tires serviced regularly, you should also clean and maintain your heating and cooling systems to avoid expensive failure.

What Happens When We Do a Yearly Maintenance Check?

We Check Your Filters
Even if you’re replacing your filters every sixty days, per recommendation, an unusually dirty filter can alert us to a problem brewing inside your HVAC system.

We Check Refrigerant Levels
Your cooling system can’t cool air properly when it is low on refrigerant; while this is usually a problem only in older systems, it’s important to check your HVAC unit for any leaks.

If Necessary, We Clean the Condenser
A lot of debris can build up on the condenser coils, and it’s important to clean everything out before the peak of summer hits.

We Inspect All Drains, Pipes, and Motors
Cracks and leaks can impact your system’s efficiency; an inefficient system can wreak havoc on your monthly electricity bill, especially during the summer.

We Fully Inspect Both Inside and Outside Components
There are actually two pieces involved in your cool air system! The unit outside has a fan and houses the condenser. It’s very important that you don’t let plants grow around and into your external machine. Inside your house, you will find the cooling coils and blowing system for your forced air. Both parts are equally important to the proper functioning of your system.

We Test Safety Features
While it’s uncommon, HVAC systems have been known to cause fires if not properly maintained. More commonly, you may develop mold and mildew in your ductwork if you don’t schedule regular maintenance for your units.

We Check Your Thermostat
The electrical components of your heating and cooling system are important, too! If your thermostat can’t properly detect the temperature or call for cool air to be produced, your three thousand dollar (or more) system might as well be broken.

HVAC Yearly Maintenance Check in Atlanta

The best time to have your system audited is before you start using it for the season. However, late is better than never! Contact us today to schedule a yearly maintenance check for your cooling system here in Atlanta, Georgia!