As the peak of summer approaches, your air-ducts begin to launch into high gear. Don’t fret, because your home cooling system will function well, with regular maintenance.

Your air-ducts often house dirt, dust and allergens that reduce your air quality, and force your air-ducts to work harder, reducing the system’s lifespan. Cleaning your aid-ducts will strengthen the longevity of your HVAC system!

Here are 5 signs your air-ducts need cleaning:


Mold has serious health hazards causing allergic reactions, respiratory issues, and spreading throughout your home rapidly.
You may be able to see some mold growth on the vent covers. Mold grows from condensation in your system, especially in humidity. You can usually detect its presence from a musty odour in the ducts. Once detected, you can call a technician from Quality Air Experts Atlanta to help you. You must then make sure the conditions that caused mold growth are rectified, so it does not grow again, using a dehumidifier at home or adjusting your thermostat.


Do you feel like dust coats every surface of your house almost immediately after you’ve cleaned it? Take a good look at your air supply and return vents. If they seem dirty, remove a vent cover carefully and inspect the inside. If the air-ducts are coated with dust on outside and inside, they need to be cleaned. In addition, you can make sure to replace your HVAC system air filters and use air purifiers to prevent future build-up.


Sometimes, vermin can infest your air-ducts. They can leave behind bacteria, make nests in the ducts, or leave droppings containing spores that spread and contaminate the air. Usually, rodents like to inhabit the ducts and will leave behind signs like odour or droppings. Quality Air Experts Atlanta will do a thorough job of cleaning your system!


Construction and remodelling of a house can leave behind dust and particulate matter that will stay in the air-ducts. Covering the system entirely during construction is not convenient, and so some harmful particles may have lodged into the ducts. It is best to get them checked immediately.


Your energy bills over the years should be mostly constant. If you find that the costs have been rising, your ducts might need cleaning. When your duct is unclean, air cannot flow freely through it, and the system works harder, leading to a high bill.
Air-flow should be consistent across all rooms. If you think it varies, it might be due to clogged air-ducts. However, apart from clogging, leaks in the ducts can also lead to more energy expenditure. Hiring from our team of technicians can help fix any unnoticed leaks.

Think your air-ducts need cleaning? Don’t hesitate to call us!

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