While we may not see sub-freezing temperatures very often here in Atlanta, Georgia, that doesn’t mean that our furnaces don’t get some use each year! One of the benefits of living in such a warm state is that your furnace may last longer than 15 years – like those in the Northeast. At any rate, it’s important to be aware of the warning signs of a failing furnace before you find yourself without heat.

Symptom #1: You’ve Called Us More Than Once
Here at Quality Air Experts in Atlanta, Georgia, you can trust us to give it to you straight if we see something wrong. If we’ve made several service calls in regards to your furnace over the past couple of years, you should brace yourself for a failure.

Symptom #2: Your Furnace is More Than 15 Years Old
As we mentioned above, it’s not uncommon for furnaces in Atlanta to last twenty or more years. However, since furnace replacements aren’t cheap, we recommend you start saving for a new one before the 15-year mark.

Symptom #3: Your Home is Heating Unequally
A furnace that is in good shape should heat every part of your home equally. Usually, we see older furnaces hooked into the central air vent simply struggle to keep up with the external temperature. Baseboard oil furnaces and radiator units are uncommon down South, but you will notice a failing oil furnace by uneven heating – this is the result of too little heat being transferred to the water flowing through all of your home’s zones.

Symptom #4: Strange Noises and Smells
While we acclimate to the smells in our homes very quickly, you may notice a distinct change in the mustiness or odor when your heat comes on. This is usually a sign that your furnace is not functioning optimally. When combined with increased noise and any of these other symptoms, you shouldn’t ignore a damp odor when you smell it.

Symptom #5: Your Heating Bill is Unexpectedly High
If there has been no usage or fuel price increase associated with your higher bills each month, your furnace is definitely to blame. An old, dying furnace is inefficient and will use more fuel to produce either the same amount of or less heat. Keep in mind that, although furnace replacements can be costly, you’re only putting off the inevitable by performing band-aid repairs and succumbing to higher heating costs.

Furnace and HVAC Replacements in Atlanta

Here at Quality Air Experts in Atlanta, Georgia, we don’t want you to suddenly be stranded without heat this winter. If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms of failure over the previous winter months, but your furnace made it through, you should start planning ahead. We offer highly competitive pricing for replacements and outstanding warranties. Don’t wait for your furnace to fall apart – schedule a free estimate or consult today.