We all hope that our air conditioning units will make it through just one more summer! There’s nothing worse than having to scramble to find an emergency repair or replacement service; what’s more, repeated repairs can start feeling like a dead end. So, how do you know when it’s time? You’ll know it’s time to replace your HVAC unit if you notice any of the five “symptoms” we’ve listed below.

Sign # 1: Repair Costs Are Racking Up
If you’ve called about an issue with your HVAC cooling unit more than once a year for a regular maintenance check, you’re simply biding your time. It’s normal – even recommended – to have your cooling system audited once a year (some manufacturers even require it if you want to keep the extended warranty). This will keep everything running smoothly for the next warm season. Air conditioning units are under extreme pressure, especially in and around Metro Atlanta; make sure to treat them with the respect they deserve.

Sign # 2: Funky Smells and More Dust
The air that blows out of your central air ducts shouldn’t smell like feet and pet dander! If you smell a musty breeze every time your cool air comes on, there’s something amiss. Additionally, if your dust allergies act up when the air kicks in, that’s a sure sign that something is going haywire. With a well-performing unit, there shouldn’t be any dust or smells permeating your house!

Sign # 3: Your Unit is Struggling to Keep Up
If your HVAC air conditioning unit is constantly running and having difficulty keeping a comfortable temperature, you should schedule a consult right away. Especially in Atlanta, where the heat is nearly unbearable, and the humidity is (somehow) worse, HVAC units are under a lot of stress. While you should still expect a good lifespan out of your unit, additional wear and tear due to the Georgia weather is to be expected. When the AC unit starts to struggle, it’s time to consider a replacement.

Sign # 4: The HVAC Unit is More Than a Decade Old
Some units in drier areas have been known to last up to 20 years; that’s simply not the case here in Atlanta, Georgia. The humidity takes a considerable toll on the internal components of the machine, and you should start saving for a new one between eight and ten years. Since these units can be expensive, it’s preferable to have some savings built up for their replacement.

Sign # 5: It Stops Working Altogether
Probably the most obvious symptom of a dysfunctional HVAC cooling unit is a lack of function. Sometimes, homeowners will notice a steady stream of “lukewarm” air when the thermostat is calling for cool air. Additionally, you may notice that your exterior unit makes different noises; a failed compressor will make your unit sound like a big, spinning indoor fan, rather than the iconic “tinny” sound of an air conditioning unit. Needless to say, once the compressor is dead, there’s no saving that machine.

HVAC Cooling System Replacement in Atlanta

Here at Quality Air Experts in Atlanta, Georgia, we don’t want you to be without cooling, dehumidifying air when you call us. Atlanta summers are much too burdensome without air conditioning to avoid the warning signs of a failing unit. We have more than fifteen years of HVAC experience – this time has taught us that we also have to provide competitive pricing in addition to excellent service. Contact us today for a quote; don’t wait for your HVAC unit to fail.