You probably don’t need to be reminded about what a lifesaver HVAC systems are, especially here in Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia summers tend to be humid, hot, and oppressive – to say the least. Since so much is riding on your HVAC system, it makes sense that, as residents of Atlanta, we should make sure that we keep up with the following HVAC maintenance tips! Remember, if any of these is something you aren’t comfortable doing, you can always reach out to our HVAC experts here at Quality Air Experts Atlanta.

HVAC Tips: HVAC Maintenance for Your Atlanta Home or Small Business

Replace Your Thermostat Batteries

If your thermostat isn’t hardwired into your wall or operated by old-fashioned temperature trips, you’ll need to replace the batteries more often than you might realize. Once per year is probably plenty unless you tend to use the panel many times per day. Keep an eye on your thermostat’s battery indicator and change the batteries when necessary.

Consider Swapping Your Thermostat Out for a Smart Thermostat

While this may not seem like an HVAC maintenance tip, it will actually help reduce maintenance and energy usage down the road. Smart thermostats will alert you when the battery is low, when there might be an issue with your system, and some will even program themselves based on when you leave the house.

Change Your Air Filter

Surprisingly, many homeowners don’t know this HVAC maintenance to-do. This is one of the HVAC tips that can be completed at any time of the year, though it might be best to have a new, high-quality air filter put in during your worst allergy weeks. If you don’t suffer from allergies, any time is fine. Keep in mind that homes with pets may need to replace their air filters more frequently than homes without furry friends.

Keep the Area Around Your Indoor Unit Clean

Keeping this area clean, dust-free, and accessible is incredibly important – especially if you need to get in and out of the area to check on your unit and replace the air filter. Take some time to declutter the area around the unit and run a vacuum on the concrete or other flooring around it.

Tidy Up Around Your Outdoor Unit

The giant vertical fan that sits outside your house is incredibly important in the functioning of your entire system. Make sure no debris falls into the top of it, and keep the grass and weeds from growing up around it, too. These things can cause costly damage to an expensive piece of equipment.

Test Your Units

This is perhaps one of the best HVAC maintenance tips that we can suggest for you.

Even if it isn’t the season for running AC or heat, you should test your units often. This will alert you to any problems before you need to make an emergency call. In Atlanta, emergency AC calls are no fun, and can often be backlogged. Testing your units before you need to use them full-swing will help catch issues before they are critical. Keep in mind that a delay in response times from your thermostat to your furnace or AC could indicate a problem, too.

Make Sure Your Units Are Level

There’s usually a concrete pad that your exterior unit sits on. This pad ensures that plant life doesn’t grow up through the bottom of the machine, but it’s also meant to provide a heat-resistant base for the unit to rest on. If your pad is unlevel, you can start to warp the blades of the fan inside, causing loud noises and damage to the machine. If your unit isn’t level, you can ask a professional for help installing a new pad.

Pro-Level HVAC Maintenance: Clean the Evaporator Coils

If you want to try to do this at home, you certainly can; however, make sure that you have the right cleaning supplies for the job. Evaporator coils must be cleaned with a “no-rinse” cleaner. You simply spray the foaming cleaner onto the coils and wait for it to liquefy and rinse off on its own. If you don’t feel confident in doing this every year, this is something that our technicians will do for you during a yearly cooling system maintenance check.

Pro-Level HVAC Maintenance: Clear Out the Evaporator Drain

In that same area with the evaporator coils, there is a small collection system and drain. While you’re in your unit in your basement or utility closet, take a peek at this drain to make sure it is unclogged and can pass wastewater efficiently. Unclog anything if necessary.

Call the Experts Once Per Year for HVAC Maintenance Checks

We’re so excited that you’ve become interested in your HVAC system’s maintenance. It’s great that you’re getting involved with prolonging your system’s longevity! However, the team here at Quality Air Experts Atlanta still recommends a yearly maintenance call from our professionals. Our HVAC specialists are trained to recognize problems and fix them on the spot, saving you costly emergency service call bills.

Schedule your yearly furnace and cooling maintenance checks with us today!